jeudi 14 mai 2015

Prendre son temps

J'aime beaucoup dessiner. Je ne suis pas très douée et c'est la raison pour laquelle je ne dessine que pour moi mais mettre mes idées sur papier en toute liberté (puisqu'il n'y a aucune intention de faire quelque chose de remarquable) me détend vraiment. 
Un de mes dessins. 
Dessiner, quand on n'est pas un artiste c'est un peu se retrouver enfant de nouveau avec une feuille et des crayons devant soi et aucune pression ni stress. De la vraie détente !
J'ai tenté de broder ce dessin de ma fille-chat chevauchant son rat.

Le dessin de Cathy (c'est le nom de ma fille-chat) a été recopié à l'aide d'un gel pen Frixion de la marque Pilot (il s'efface à la chaleur du fer à repasser) sur un bout de vieille couette IKEA.
J'avais comme idée de me servir de l'imprimé de la couette comme fond pour ma broderie, mais je le regrette maintenant. Un tissu uni, blanc ou crème aurait mis en valeur la broderie qui est ici perdu dans le décor. 

Mais, ceci mon premier essai de broderie et  je ne voulais pas utiliser du tissu qui aurait pu servir à autre chose de plus beau. Stupide erreur de débutante qui déteste prendre des risques. C'est une erreur que je commets en couture également, je ne couds rien dans mes tissus favoris de peur de les gâcher. C'est un tord, car je passe beaucoup de temps sur des réalisations qui au final me plaisent moyennement faute au tissu (mauvaise couleur et mauvaise qualité la plus part du temps)!
Revenons à nos moutons, ou à la broderie plus exactement. Cet fille-chat et son rat m'ont permis d'essayer plusieurs points différents, et je dois dire que je les aime tous !
Une phrase tirée de la chanson Changes, parce que.
La broderie emerge lentement mais sans frustration si je conçois à mon projet comme un moment de pure détente. Etant donné que je ne comptais rien faire de ce bout de broderie, je n'ai eu aucun mal à le terminer sans m'inquiéter de la qualité de mes points et ce projet à parfaitement servi son but : me détendre, prendre mon temps, apprécier l'instant, tout ça, tout ça...
Je me suis essayée à la broderie à la machine avec le pied pour matelassage de ma machine à coudre. La fleur juste au-dessus de la tête de la fille-chat a été faite de cette façon. J'aime le côté brouillon de cette forme de broderie et aussi sa rapidité, mais j'ai trouvé cela un peu stressant.

Cette fleur ci-dessus a aussi été brodée avec ma machine et son pied à matelassage en suivant le dessin déjà imprimé sur le tissu. Pour ce faire, il faut baisser les griffes d'entraînement de la MAC, mettre la tension du fil sur 0, choisir le point de bâtit (avec naturellement une tension lâche) et c'est parti !

Et pour terminer voici un GIF de la fleur brodée à la main. Il faudra peut-être cliquer dessus pour le voir bouger.

Et vous, avez-vous un passe-temps, juste pour passer le temps ?

mardi 28 avril 2015

Basic boring T-shirt

Yes, basic, BUT, the pattern has been drafted by yours truly and I can't believe that i managed to pattern something at all !

This giant strawberry is for real, but look at the t-shirt : I made that !

I got a whim a sunday afternoon at 6 pm to make a t-shirt with some cheap but rad knit I had bought the previous week.
My favorite shade of blue-grey and fun tears for only 3€/meter

A quick lurk in my stash of patterns made it clear that I had no readily traced T-shirt pattern that fit(no way I'm tracing from a Burda Style ever again, unless it's a pink one). I had a basic slopper knit for my bust that I  made with the help of Suzy Furer, i just needed some sleeves.
As my weight fluctuates, it's my weight that I put on my patterns and sloppers rather than the date.
And so, with Mrs Furer's excellent class on Craftsy again, I drafted the sleeves.
I must say that, sleeves for knits are way easier to draft than sleeves made of woven fabric. I'm still so happy to have been able to make something that fits me to a T.
Pretty sleeve cap, how I'm proud of you !
So the sleeves were drafted and the only modification made to the slopper was at the neck line . I needed to be able to put my head through it and wanted a V neck of sort. Seam allowances also needed to be added as you don't put them on sloppers. It is customary to add 1cm (3/4") of seam allowances to patterns for knit.
It was by then time for me to go to bed, but the next day, the t-shirt was cut and sewn in no time at  all !
What's with all that strawberries eating !
And even though I sort of really don't like this t-shirt in those pictures, I really like it in real life. It is the first t-shirt I have whose shoulders fit me ! Oh, in real life, the t-shirt hemline is straight too, trust me.
I now have a TnT t-shirt pattern that I can use for different variations if the evening urge for sewing something other than my WIP comes back again. Which I know it will.
I'm also slowly building up my confidence in drafting my own patterns. SLOWLY !

Do you find good knitting fabric easily in your part of the world, or do you have to order it on line ?

lundi 20 avril 2015

More crochet experiment

view of the back
I've tried my hands at free-form crochet. It's quite fun, like doodling with a hook and some yarn.

So first some harts of different shapes and shades of pink were made.

LOTS of hearts, more that are seen here actually. But that part was really fun. I could make hearts when I had just a few minutes, or at night to unwind from a stressful day, or on my lunch break. 

Then came the time to assemble all those harts and filling in between the shapes to create pieces of a little cardigan. And that part took me longer than expected for a baby cardigan. Still, it was very satisfying, like creating your own piece of textile .

The tiny teeny harts along the left side of the cardigan were made as an after thought to hide the snaps I used as closure.

I was scared that the baby would outgrow the cardigan before it was finished, so I made plain sleeves to be quicker .
It fit the baby just fine in the end and Léonie was kind enough to wear it with pride (or so I think, that this 5 month old baby was proud of her cardigan), a few time since I've given it to her mum.

So, I learned a new way to crochet, gave a hand made gift to a lovely first time mother, and dressed a baby-girl in pink hearts, that's what I call a good use of my hook.

If I were to free form-crochet again though, I'll try to made it a little plainer, maybe by using only one color of yarn of the same stitch. The cardigan as is , is a bit too loud for my taste. Live and learn.

Have you been practicing new skills of late ?

dimanche 12 avril 2015

Bagues en crochet

Là pour le coup, j'ai fait quelques choses que j'aime beaucoup.
Je me rends compte qu'il est devenu rare que je montre sur ce blogue quelque chose que j'ai réussie. Dernièrement, tout était un peu ou très bof, bof voire moche, moche.

Mais je n'ai rien à dire de mal de ces petites bagues.

Elles sont rapides à faire et les restes de laines suffisent.

J'en ai fait pour des amies fort reconnaissantes. Cette petite souris est sur les doigts d'Amélie.

Les bagues amirugumis sont crochées avec du fil DMC à broder (argent ou or) et un crochet de 0.75mm. 
Vue en cours de montage
Comme le fil est fin et que je n'ai plus la vue de mes vingt ans (j'étais déjà bien myope à 20 ans d'ailleurs), je ne crochète le fil qu'à la lumière du jour. Cette bague a été entièrement faite pendant mes pauses déjeuner, au boulot.

Ça me fait du bien de mettre enfin sur ce blogue un truc que je trouve sympa ! Pfiu de soulagement !
Allez, encore une photo, car je ne m'en lasse pas de cette petite bête !

Bon crochet à vous tous !

lundi 6 avril 2015

Qu'il est laid le gilet !

I am no Venus, but I now could gallivant about in a (faux) fur coat cardigan !
Making this cardigan was a long and unpleasant affair.

Faux-Chinchilla with possible choice of buttons

I pinned and pinned the beast like no tomorrow but the long hair made the pieces shift against one another and I always had a big discrepancy at the end of the seam. I tried many times with my teflon roller foot and without, with a thousands pins and with a hundred thousands and used up a lot of very good quality thread that my seam ripper enjoyed slaughtering . My seam-ripper has won the sweet and well deserved name of Jack, and I got nowhere.
Cutting the thing to start with was also no walk in the park !

A kind soul advised me to hand baste the beast, and then sew it once tamed.
So it was basted and sewn the cardigan of doom and I HATE the thing !

Don't be fooled by the smile, I hate this cardigan !

It's sad and drab and ....
The funny things my hair's doing behind my back ! Cheeky, tricky hair!
Way too big !
I look like a giant Chinchilla is swallowing me. Or as if I stole my nana's fur coat. None of those looks are good on me, no Sir.

I drafted the pattern by myself (which was no mean feat) and wanted a loose cool, dropped shoulders faux-fur cardigan, so I added quite a bit of ease to my original measurements.
The second part of the problem is that I recently turned raw-vegan. Between the time I started to draft the pattern (I'd say november) and the time the whole thing was sewn, my new diet had seriously kicked in and I had lost 4 more kilos and a good size in RTW.

I'm still proud that I have been able to draft the cardigan and facing and lining. It's tremendous progress for me.

Even added an inside secret pocket.

I didn't add any closure yet, because Dame Christiane, my mother, agreed to take this cardigan off my hands, so we'll decide together how she wants to close it . I'd try to have her choose the hooks because buttons might make the cardy too busy.

The facings are made of red velvet from my stock. The lining is good quality anti-static lining bought in Toto, Lille.
The fur is from Tyssavel, a sadly now closed fake fur factory from northern France.

Love me a secret pocket !

Sleeve's inside, just because.

All together I'd say this was an expensive (for me) project. The fur was 35€ a meter , the lining I can't remember the price of. The time I spent on it, between the pattern making, the sewing and all was way too much and almost killed my sewing mojo.

But I did learn a thing or two, namely that fur is no good look on me. On the plus side, I made some progress on my pattern making skills and I also now know that I have to redo my basic pattern sloppers. Last but not least, my mum might now have a fake-fur cardigan she'll like. So, no regrets.

What did sewing taught you lately ?

jeudi 2 avril 2015

20 minutes to make my ten fingers (and brain sometimes) happy. #1

Comment je couds une culotte en 20 minutes pour me réconcilier avec la couture, avec ma machine, avec mes dix doigts.
Sometimes and especially after a streak of ugly makes like my past two jumpers have been, I need to give myself some easy gratification in the craft department .
Sewing a pair of knickers ( or panties for you who live far, far away) (or unmentionables if you lived a long long time ago) does just the trick.
Those are my two favorite tools to sew stretchy fabric : a roller foot and my trusty owl to pull, drag, pin the fabric whilst under said foot.
I also used a needle for stretchy fabric other wise my machine skips stitches.

I posted an easy way to draft a pair of knickers from existing ones here a while ago.
This time, I used Gertie's method to sew them. You can find it on her blog on the post about the knickers she patterned for Butterick's sew-along.
It's quick and easy baby and let me just say knickers once more for the fun of it !

So, after cutting the pieces in knit fabric,
I've sewn the back and front piece together at the crotch using a square zigzag stitch (3.5 in length, 3.5 in width). It is I believe an episode of Murdoch Mysteries that I'm watching on the computer.

Then I covered the crotch area with some piece cut from an old coton T-shirt, for breathable purposes. 
and basted it in place. 

The double needle was used to hem the legs. I just trimmed the excess of folded fabric afterward.

Now put some lace on the waist of the front and back of the kickers (yeah, said it again !) 
Finding affordable knickers appropriate lace isn't easy where i live, I got that one at Lille's braderie for 0,50 euros a meter and wish I bought the whole roll instead of a mere meter and a half.

Same zigzag stitch was used, I just changed the top thread to match the color of the lace.

Then the sides were sewn together et voilà : a comfortable simple pair of knickers that are sewn in less time than it takes to make the laundry. 
Watch out for the faux-Chichilla in the back ground! 
Wish I could get away with skipping the laundry duty when in need of clean pair of jeans as well.

Those knickers pairs with some t-shirt I made few month ago in the same jersey knit. So soft on my skin !

Love me some easy-peasy project nothing can go wrong with !

What do YOU do to spent some quality time with your sewing machine in a no fuss straight forward sewing ? Any go to easy project ?

dimanche 28 décembre 2014

Un sac à sandwish, lunch bag

Autumn (my dear autumn) has come and gone. So this is my last post related to my muses of the season.

Needed a lunch bag to get my fruits (I'm raw vegan) to work. and got inspired by this Ulyana Sergenko clutch.
Il me fallait un sac pour transporter mon repas. Je ne mange en fait jamais de sandwich, j'ai un régime  à 90% composé de fruits et légumes crus depuis juin dernier mais c'est une autre histoire. Je n'avais plus de sac pour transporter toutes mes provisions, un sac pas très difficile à faire,  un sac simplissime en fait.
C'est plutôt ennuyeux à coudre, un sac rectangulaire avec juste une petite poche sur le côté.
J'avais vu cette minaudière sur l'instagram de Ulyana Sergeenko
Et ce graphisme est parfaitement dans le thème Phryne Fisher. je m'en suis donc largement inspiré pour mon sac déjeuner. 
J'ai dessiné une Phryne 
Just drew a Phryne and used my drawing as template to cut different pieces in various scraps of material and appliquéed it to the bag.

et m'en suis servi pour découper les pièces dans mes tissus de récup et les appliquer sur la partie avant de mon sac.

Le résultat est un peu laborieux à mon gôut et beaucoup moins élégant que la pochette de madame Sergeenko, mais, comme sac à déjeuner, je l'aime plutôt bien.
A total disaster if it were a clutch, but nice for a lunch bag.
I used an old shower curtain as waterproof lining.

Pour ce qui est de coudre un sac tout simple, Craftsy à un cours gratuit et plaisant à suivre. Ce cours est parfait pour les débutants. je m'en suis servi pour monter la doublure de ce sac car j'ai toujours un mal fou à comprendre dans quel sens se monte les doublures : endroit sur endroit, envers sur endroit ou pour ce cas si doublure à l'endroit dans sac à l'envers. on coud les bords en laissant une ouverture et on retourne le sac par l'ouverture et tada ! tout est à l'endroit. c'est ce qu'on appel monter la doublure en fourreau. Heureusement que Craftsy m'a montré tout ça en gros plans bien clairs car j'aurais bien eu du mal à comprendre toute seule.

Oh, mangoes and tangerines, such a feast !

Now, a few words on how "the inspiration of the season" worked for me .
Well it didn't.
I'm not productive enough, sewing wise to make it interesting to have one or two muses for an entire season. My Phryne or Alexia's related projects were limited and I'm need of too many very practical garments to let fantasy really inspire my sewing.
Still the most successful project of this season for me was the rehabilitation of my blue coat . I have worn the life out of it !
Don't remember what this parking attendant and I were talking about, maybe something about the importance of having a hood when standing under the rain.
And yes, I'm very short in real life.